Simply Merino Wool Lined Cotton Face Mask

  • Simply Merino Wool Lined Cotton Face Mask

☺︎ 100% cotton outer layer
☺︎ 100% pure merino wool lining from Simply Merino
☺︎ one sewn in layer of Non-woven Polypropylene
☺︎ flexible nose bridge wire included
☺︎ adjustable ear loops using the slip knot
☺︎ machine washable - hang to dry

fabric loops go at your chin/jawline.
use slip knot to adjust the ear loops - slide/pull the knot on one elastic at a time.

please wash your mask before use to be extra safe.
machine or hand wash, lay flat to dry.

two layers of quilters cotton + one layer of non woven polypropylene.

✻ masks are sewn to order, wait times + shipping will vary. wool lining colour may vary from the photos. thank you for your patience.