Washing + Caring

mask washing:

please wash your mask before use to be extra safe.

your mask must be washed after every time you wear it. machine wash or hand wash (vigorously) with hot water and soap (laundry or dish soap)

make sure mask is completely dry before wearing it again. run a hot iron over the dry mask for an extra heat boost to kill any germs.

** 10% shrinkage may occur if using the dryer, BEST to hang dry in the sun

soft toys

tuk + milo items are handmade so please take extra time when washing + caring.

how to wash:  

cold water, gentle cycle (in a wash bag preferably) or hand wash 

how to dry: 

air dry or low heat dryer 


the stuffing may need to be reshaped or fluffed after washing + drying. use your hands to break up any clumps in the organic cotton stuffing.